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Customer beeper: 7 benefits for your restaurant

Louis de Champs
August 05, 2022
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The pager system made its appearance in the restaurant industry a few years ago, particularly in fast food restaurants. Today, many restaurants are equipped with this solution that facilitates the life of the staff and improves that of the customers.

Between time saving and fluidity of service even in rush periods, discover the advantages of the Pager System for your establishment!

How does the pager system work in the restaurant industry?

If you keep an eye on industry innovations and pay attention to your competitors' strategies, you must have already heard about the customer Pager System !

The Pager System is this small connected box that warns the customer when his order is ready (via sound, vibrations or flashing lights).

Here's how it works:

  1. When the customer places his order at the counter, the waiter gives him the box.
  2. The guest pays; he then has only to sit quietly (or wait outside the establishment), before going to get his meal.
  3. When his meal is ready, a signal is sent to the Pager System from the kitchen.
  4. ThePager System rings andtells the customer that he can go and get his order at the counter.
  5. At the counter, he exchanges his pager for his dish, and returns to his table.
Pager system in a foodcourt

Why equip your restaurant with a Pager System?

Discover the advantages of the customer Pager System for your restaurant!

1. Save time

As restaurant staff becomes scarce and customer expectations are ever higher in terms of service and experience, the efficiency of your staff is critical.

With pagers, your customers are 100% autonomous!

Your waiters no longer have to deal with table service and can devote more time to greeting customers, cashing up or answering their questions. They also don't have to go to the kitchen to check if the food is ready.

This considerably reduces their travel time, which represents a time saving at each service.

2. Soften the relationship between the kitchen and the dining room

Have you ever experienced those big rush moments, when the line is getting longer and longer and your team is overwhelmed?

Now, thanks to the Pager System each employee saves precious time on the service and can therefore take care of the tasks without running around. The server takes orders at the counter and sends them to the kitchen. Your kitchen team prepares the food and sends a signal to the customer Pager System when the food is ready.

This way, teams no longer have to call each other to communicate.

And customers feel it! They would much rather spend a convivial moment in a restaurant where the staff is serene than in an establishment where waiters and cooks are subjected to the pressure of table service!

3. Reduce service errors

Another advantage of the beeper is that it helps you reduce service errors.

In restaurants with a high turnover, there are always new waiters, or staff with little experience. Whether it's a lack of speed or an accident, an error when ordering or a mistake when serving the table, the beeper intervenes at the right time and eliminates these stressful mishaps.

Now your customer comes directly to pick up his or her dish. And that changes everything, especially in large establishments!

4. No more queues at the checkout

With a box that alerts them, your customers need only go sit at their table to wait for their order. In the case of click and collect, they may as well take a walk around rather than cluttering the area around the service counter.

Potential customers who enter your restaurant are not afraid of waiting in line and place their order without fear of waiting too long.

5. Increase your sales

With a beeper, your customers no longer depend on the availability of your servers. They place their own order at the counter and pick up their meal as soon as it's ready. All this time saved means that their table is available faster for the next customers.

This advantage allows you to increase the number of covers per service and therefore your turnover at the end of the day! This is especially true in fast food restaurants where the dishes are prepared more quickly.

6. Avoid serving cold food

Waiting time in a restaurant means potentially cold dishes... Which may not please your customers...

With a beeper system, your customers are alerted as soon as the dishes are ready, so they don't have time to cool down. As a result, service is always smooth, guests wait less time and plates always arrive hot, even during rush hour. 

7. Improve the overall quality of service

Shorter wait times for order taking, service and table availability, improved staff efficiency and a less stressful work environment invariably result in a better customer experience.

Word of mouth will then do the rest 😉

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Focus: La Boca, the emblematic food court of Bordeaux

Restaurants, fast food chains, foodcourts... The beeper is for all types of establishments!

A perfect example is La Boca, a popular foodcourt in Bordeaux whose 15 booths have been using the beeper since it opened in 2018.

The advantage for the foodcourt?

The beeper allows customers to sit at the same table, while eating dishes from different restaurants! Nice, isn't it? No more obligation to choose only one stand. A success for the foodcourt which can then diversify its stands, from the Mexican restaurant to the Chinese restaurant, through the oriental gastronomy and the Corsican stand. Everyone benefits from it! 

For the restaurant owners, it is a huge time saving and a simplified organization.

Booth managers simply send the orders to the kitchen, collect payment, give the pager to the customers, and then notify them when the meal is ready. That's it! The foodcourt can receive many more customers than a traditional restaurant because this organization allows to serve a very large volume of orders regardless of the affluence.

The use of a beeper in the restaurant industry is particularly practical because it makes life easier for the teams on a daily basis and increases sales in the long term.


👉 Do you want to set up a beeper system in your restaurant? Get help from an Innovorder consultant!

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